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We Are



We are an entrepreneur, cross-disciplinary, international team, bringing decades of experience in venture capital, entrepreneurship, product creation and business growth, operating across several locations (Paris, Shanghai, Tel Aviv, Belgrade, Kiev).

We Do



We accelerate tech start-ups, provide human and financial capital, digital product management, and assist them in finding product-market fit, developing and scaling founders’ big ideas, for positive change.

We are positioned at the center of two worlds—embracing the mindsets of both startups and corporations. We bridge the gap between the two, foster strong collaborative synergies, share new innovative strategies, and unleash their maximum potential.

We Deliver



Corporates have growing demands of inspiration and disruption while startups are born to be innovative.

We offer a unique creative ecosystem for both entrepreneurs and startups, and a global platform for cutting-edge innovation that drives business impact with measurable returns.

We assist digital product innovators and transformers in redesigning tomorrow’s industries’ landscapes in a structured process, with deep market insight, technology leverage and strategic & risk management.

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